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Asking for Permission – A Regulated Marketing Strategy


On July 1st, 2014, it will no longer be possible in Canada, to send mass email to potential or existing customers, without consent.
Canada’s Anti-Spam Law has three main components:

1. Who are you sending the message to?
(is it a potential or existing customer?)

2. What type of message are you sending?
Is it by email, SMS or similar platforms?
Is it promotional, informational or include any aspect of marketing?
Is it misleading or false in any way?

3. Are you including your name and business, the name of anyone else you may be sending the message on behalf of,  your current mailing address, phone number, email, or web address.
Are you including ways to unsubscribe within 10 days at no cost to the customer?

I believe that Seth Godin’s term “Permission-based Marketing” is the best case scenario or a standard of best practices and now Canada’s anti-spam laws are modelling the idea that you should ask permission before being marketed to.

I agree fully with asking permission and actually think companies that were mass marketing before are now in a position of power to see who actually wants to receive their email. This is insight.

As a business owner, I will not know how many people receive the mass email I sent them and delete it and the reason why the would delete it. Although, I would never market to my customers that way. I believe if you honestly make an effort to know your customers, you will know and capture them.

I believe this anti-spam law is a standard of practice that will help business owners get to know their customers a bit better and help remove the population that you haven’t spent time on getting to know better. Opportunity awaits!

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